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I'm Kartick V.

Former founder & CTO, now helping

founders hit their next big milestone in tech.

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I partner with startups seeking expertise & trusted guidance, coupled with execution to achieve their growth objectives

A former CTO

An experienced founder


with experience of consulting with 20+ companies


“Many startups fail, but most of them are avoidable”

I can help unlock your startup's full potential by helping you

  • Get to conclusions sooner

  • De-risk projects by reducing unpleasant suprises

  • Speed up bogged down projects

  • Generate multiple alternate path ways

Delivering a multi-million dollar outcome out of a inefficient SaaS company


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Don't just take my word for it

Hear from your fellow founders and entrepreneurs on how I helped them build bigger and better

“We had a key process that was becoming the bottleneck to our entire business, so we contacted Kartick to address this. He understood both the business and technical aspects of the situation, and our users' needs, and delivered a solution quickly that relieved the bottleneck, helping our company process a lot more leads with the manpower we have, while saving time and money by eliminating a labor-intensive manual process.”

Alok Goel


" Kartick helped make a critical back-end architectural decision, saving time and money on future rework enabling faster time to market. We were also making mistakes in hiring, leading to many unproductive engineers, taking up a lot of the founders' time on mentoring, and ultimately being let go. Kartick provided key inputs on our hiring process, enabling a better result from 20% new engineering hires being productive to 80%."

Ankit Malhotra

Founder at Graviti

“Kartick helped us to streamline the iOS engineering hiring for us. Kartick gave us a useful perspective to help us improve our shortlisting process to identify great engineers and hire them faster while spending less time on unsuitable profiles. He set up insightful interviews, and identified good talent, who were hired and went on to do well in the company. Kartick delivered more than what we expected, and in a timely manner. I'd work with him again.”

Priyaank Choubey


Let's talk about what I can do for your business.

Looking to tackle a smaller project/problem? 
Goal based engagement
Have a project or milestone you want to complete? I’ll help you deliver it, guaranteed. Depending on the scope, a project can cost a good part of, or significantly more than $100K. Book a discovery call today to discuss your requirements & let's unlock your startup's full potential.

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