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Hear from your fellow founders on how I helped them build bigger and better:

“I was stuck trying to fix a bug, so I asked my founder, who introduced me to Kartick. He solved the problem and gave me a framework to resolve such bugs 10x faster in the future. We spoke for only 20 mins, but the value added was high. On another occasion, we were considering an architectural change in our backend. Kartick helped us understand that this would tie up the entire team for two quarters and still not be the right fit for us. Kartick suggested an alternative that saved the 2 quarters, which we spent growing the business instead.​ Kartick is also helping me lead my team better regarding making difficult decisions, hiring, running the team, and helping my team members grow. Sometimes I go to Kartick with dumb ideas but rather than saying “you are dumb”, he helps me analyze those ideas patiently, and based on the analysis it becomes apparent whether they will work. This attitude is really something that we don’t find easily. While analyzing the idea, he goes really in-depth into business things and I wonder how a tech person is so smooth with analyzing business ideas and can be fast at it too.”

Our Engineer did not have core IOS expertise and was stuck on an issue for some time. I reached out to Kartick, who had built a company on an advanced iPhone app. He quickly agreed and helped us resolve the issue. He also guided our Engineer with good coding practices in Swift language. Later on, he referred us to a fantastic engineer whom we hired.

“When we were hiring an engineering lead and were unsure of a particular candidate, I consulted with Kartick, who helped us identify what we need in the lead, then interviewed him, and gave us a clear evaluation of this person and what roles he'd be suitable for, helping us make a better decision. Further, Kartick connected us to two other engineering leads from his network. ​ On another occasion, when we had a crisis and I was stressed, I called Kartick and he reassured me and gave me a roadmap of how to deal with the crisis, both immediate and longer-term actions, which helped me proceed with confidence, knowing that I'm ready to handle whatever comes next.”

“Kartick helped us to streamline the iOS engineering hiring for us. Kartick gave us a useful perspective to help us improve our shortlisting process to identify great engineers and hire them faster while spending less time on unsuitable profiles. He set up insightful interviews, and identified good talent, who were hired and went on to do well in the company. Kartick delivered more than what we expected, and in a timely manner. I'd work with him again.”

"When building JSW One, I relied upon Kartick as a trusted advisor and received solid advice that helped me make better decisions and execute with high confidence and lower risk. I would recommend Kartick. At any point in a company’s journey - early or late, it’s important to get a sound advisor like Kartick. Otherwise we end up in a loop in tech and that may not result into the promised efficiency/disruption."

“Kartick had been invaluable in getting JSW One off the ground. His major contribution was in hiring key positions like the Principal software Architect and the front end tech leads. In addition his clear structured thinking helped us uncover vendor issues more easily. Also he was able to provide user experience consulting for our product lines with hires which allowed us to both shorten our time to market and improve NPS. He has a lot of experience with startups and has a structured plan for taking your startup off the ground. I would wholeheartedly endorse him as a consulting CTO for startups.”



“We had a key process that was becoming the bottleneck to our entire business, so we contacted Kartick to address this. He understood both the business and technical aspects of the situation, and our users' needs, and delivered a solution quickly that relieved the bottleneck, helping our company process a lot more leads with the manpower we have, while saving time and money by eliminating a labor-intensive manual process.”

Kartick helped us build our iOS engineering team. We needed someone with deep iOS expertise to evaluate candidates and did not have someone matching the profile on our team at the time. The depth he covered in the interviews helped us hire the right engineers who have helped us build a great product over the last two years. iOS is very important for us as a neobank since a large part of our affluent customer base uses iOS. The feedback provided on each candidate was very detailed. He also went beyond his brief and provided technical guidance to our team when we asked him to. The team was able to incorporate best practices on architecture and coding from this guidance. I highly recommend Kartick for the expertise he brings on engineering, iOS in particular, and his ability to cover all details.

"Hiring is one of the most critical and challenging things for startups, especially early. We did not have sufficient skill in-house in a business-critical technology, so we worked with Kartick, whose evaluation of candidates and inputs were extremely valuable for us. The people who joined were solid, which validates Kartick's work. I recommend Kartick for his combination of experience, strong opinions and the expertise/skill to back it up and deliver solutions."

Let's talk about what I can do for your startup

Goal-based engagement

Is your startup not on track to achieve your next milestone? Are you unsure what to do to get back on track?

Wouldn't it be great if you could get a trusted expert to guide you throughout your journey, help you make critical decisions right, and give you visibility into the consequences of decisions before you make them, so that you can execute with confidence?

Work with me, and I’ll guide you to success.

I'd like to offer you a couple of pricing options:

Option 1: Guaranteed results: I’ll understand your goals, and commit to delivering them. In the unlikely event I fail to deliver, I’ll do whatever it takes to make things right, including redoing the work at no extra cost, giving you a partial refund, or even a full refund, whichever I feel is the appropriate resolution.

  • The fee will be $175/hour, subject to a minimum of $4K per month.

  • The bill fluctuates month to month. In the past I’ve billed as much as $20K in a single month.

  • I’ll inform you every $4K — 4, 8, 12, etc — to avoid bill shock.

  • A typical engagement costs $100K. I suggest you budget $100K to get started, and I’ll let you know if this changes as the work proceeds.

Option 2: Name your own price. It could be as low as $4k. We’ll divide it by the hourly rate of $275, and you’ll get a certain number of hours. I’ll use those hours to further the agreed-upon goals. When the hours are over, if work still remains, you can choose to repeat this process by naming another price for the next iteration, or switch to option 1.

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