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I'm Kartick Vaddadi


What's unique about me?


You can find someone who is good at one of these circles, or maybe even two, but you’ll find it hard to find anyone who’s good at all three.


  • I worked at Google, and built products that a billion people use.

  • I’ve been working on iPhone engineering since 2008.

  • I ran my computational photography startup Futurecam: And NoctaCam before that, and I’m an expert in image processing on iPhone.

  • I worked as a CTO.

In more detail, I’m skilled at:

  • High-performance computing: processing 1GB/s on an iPhone

  • Soft real-time programming

  • GPU computing

  • Multithreading

  • AVFoundation

  • Core Image

  • Core Video

  • Core Media

  • Image I/O

  • Hardware-accelerated video and image encoding

  • HEVC, HEIC, H264, JPEG, etc codecs

  • VFR video

  • Multi-frame techniques like image stacking and blending

  • Noise reduction

  • Quality/bitrate optimization

  • Batch processing using multiple techniques like ImageMagick, Automator, scripting and building a custom macOS console app.

  • Attitude tracking using compass + gyro + sensor fusion

Benefits of my advisory

  • When you work with me, you get to the conclusion sooner rather than trying things that sound plausible but don’t work.

  • De-risk projects by reducing unpleasant surprises

  • Speed up projects

  • Generate multiple options to explore tradeoffs.

  • I fix things so that they stay fixed, rather than putting in temporary hacks.


  • Advisory

  • Hiring

  • Clarity call

  • Custom engagement

Kartick Vaddadi

+91 9901 960 207

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