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I'm Kartick Vaddadi


Whats unique about me ?


You can find someone who is good at one of these circles, or maybe even two, but you’ll find it hard to find anyone who’s good at all three.


  • I worked at Google, and built products that a billion people use.

  • I’ve been working on iPhone engineering since 2008.

  • I ran my computational photography startup Futurecam: And NoctaCam before that, and I’m an expert in image processing on iPhone.

  • I worked as a CTO.

In more detail, I’m skilled at:

  • High performance computing: processing 1GB/s on an iPhone

  • Soft real-time programming

  • GPU computing

  • Multithreading

  • AVFoundation

  • Core Image

  • Core Video

  • Core Media

  • Image I/O

  • Hardware-accelerated video and image encoding

  • HEVC, HEIC, H264, JPEG, etc codecs

  • VFR video

  • Multi-frame techniques like image stacking and blending

  • Noise reduction

  • Quality / bitrate optimisation

  • Batch processing using multiple techniques like ImageMagick, Automator, scripting and building a custom macOS console app.

  • Attitude tracking using compass + gyro + sensor fusion

Benefits of my consulting

  • When you work with me, you get to the conclusion sooner rather than trying things that sound plausible but don’t work.

  • De-risk projects by reducing unpleasant surprises

  • Speed up projects

  • Generate multiple options to explore tradeoffs.

  • I fix things so that they stay fixed, rather than putting in temporary hacks.


  • Advisory

  • Hiring

  • Clarity call

  • Custom engagement

Kartick Vaddadi

+91 9901 960 207

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