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The full project requires a significant commitment of time and money from your side. If you'd like to make a small commitment first, the mini-project is for you.

The mini-project will be time-boxed to 20 hours and 1 month, and will cost $6K.

We'll begin the mini-project with a small goal. If the full project's goal is to build a car, the mini-project's goal might be to build a steering wheel. When the time runs out, the goal will be achieved, either completely or partially. For example, if the goal is org design, we might achieve it completely. If we happen to achieve it only partially, you'll still have clarity on what skills to hire for, be it ICs, leads, managers, designers or PMs, remote vs local culture, what budget is necessary for a productive engineering team, etc. I might bring up the question of whether to build one app instead of separate iOS and Android apps. So, even if the end the mini-project with the goal partially achieved, it will add a lot of value to you, and bring you clarity, based on which you can execute confidently. And, should you go ahead with a full project after the mini-project, the partially achieved goal will be completely achieved.

Having said that, the primary purpose of the mini project is not the goal but to let you understand the value I add, so that you can go ahead with a full project after the mini-project.


Clarity call

If you have a specific question like "Should we use AWS Lambda?", set up a call, at the end of which the question will be resolved and you'll have confidence to execute. Price: $300. Feel free to set up multiple clarity calls if you have multiple questions.

Set up a clarity call

Resources to upskill you on hiring

Hire engineers and leads, identify great candidates, convince them to work with you (remember that the best candidates have choices), reduce time wasted on unsuitable candidates, and draw multi-faceted conclusions from an interview.

This package consists of:

  1. Recordings of interviews with an engineer, a lead and a Director, showing how to interview people at various levels of seniority, with timestamped comments showing to interpret responses.

  2. A video showing how to evaluate a take-home assignment before an interview.​

Price: $900, with a 2-month 100% money-back guarantee if there's even the slightest deficiency in the product. Or $90 for one mock interview with an engineer. If you have any questions or need to contact me, it will require a Clarity call (see above) at extra charge.


Work with a 10x engineer

I primarily work as an engineering leader, but I'm also good hands-on, and can work as a software engineer. Enquire

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